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Willamette Geek: In Like a Lion - Apple Previews its New Operating System

IMAGE: Winfried Bruenken

In what I hope is a Reese's-Peanut-Butter-Cup-worthy move, Apple has got some of its iOS in its OS X.

In Wednesday's "Back To The Mac" presser, The Steve, in between showcasing an updated iLife suite and a rejiggered, cheaper MacBook Air, extolled the virtues of the next revision to its operating system, OS X Lion (ostensibly 10.7 but how unsexy a moniker is that?).

The primary focus of the presentation was on how Apple is bringing many of the technologies that have made the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch so popular back to the Mac. Among those are full screen apps, an iPad-like method of opening apps called Launchpad, and most noteworthy, a Macintosh version of the insanely successful App Store.

Lest fears of "curated computing" have you all a-twitter, Jobs insists it will be the "best place" to get apps but not the only one. Apple will start taking developer submissions in November, with the Mac App Store set to debut on Snow Leopard (10.6) Machines in 90 days.
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