UPDATED with a late-arriving (but huge) photo set from the July 23 Best of Portland 2008 party!

From Heather Zinger:


From Jonah Schrogin:

And from Hannah Hultine:

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I knew it was a good party when I got a text that a famous movie director and an even more famous film actress might stop by (sorry, can't say who they are, I wanna make sure they actually come to our next shindig).

I'm talking about Wednesday night's bash in honor of Willamette Week's Best of Portland 2008.

This year, instead of cramming a thousand of nearest and dearest into WW's parking lot, we expanded our little event into the middle of Quimby Street.

Nice move.

Beyond carnival-ish rides—velcro walls, mechanical bulls and drinking games—the big hit (and the longest line) of the night had to be the Belgian Fries from Potato Champion.

[vimeo 1401412]

And, oh yeah, all that alcohol: Absinthe and Cabo Wabo Tequila had people spinning by 7 pm.

I guess that's why I am the only one in the office so far.

Beyond all the free booze and good grub, there were a lot of good folks including most of City Council, some City Council contenders, some gay guy who is about to be mayor, a slew of local newscasters, Oregonian journos and radio stars, Storm Large and other rock gods, author Larry Colton (with a really hot lady named Stacy), and plenty of this year's Best of Portland winners as well as previous winners.

To be good neighbors, we shut down our shindig around 10 pm.

Too bad—I think it easily could've gone on all night (and from what I heard about the after party—at this place—it did).

Here are some pics from the big night:

[Thanks to Xilia for the cell-phone footage of my big ride!]