Do you think the City adequately dealt with the three-week-long protest outside of City Hall? What should have been done differently?
Many of the protesters are asking for a "green zone," somewhere in the city where they can camp peacefully until more affordable housing is available. Do you support the idea of creating a green zone, and if so, what do you think that might look like?
Many homeless people, advocates and other groups say the City's sit-lie and anti-camping ordinances infringe upon homeless people's civil rights. Do you support the repeal, suspension, or modification of either of those ordinances?

Many homeless people say that when they are swept from makeshift camps by the police, they are woken up in the middle of the night, given little time to collect their possessions, and what possessions they cannot collect are confiscated and thrown away by the police. Is there a better way for the police to enforce the anti-camping ordinance?
The City recently voted to create what is essentially a year-round shelter for men at the Salvation Army. Current policy at the Housing Bureau is that shelters are not a successful conduit into permanent housing. Do you agree, or would you like to see an increase in the amount of shelters available to homeless people in Portland?
There is a shortage of affordable housing in Portland. The problem may not be fixed easily with the economic recession the country is facing. What creative solutions would you bring to the table if elected to the Council to create more affordable housing?
Many low-income people with Section 8 vouchers are being turned away from landlords. What would you do to ensure that people with Section 8 vouchers can find a place to live?
Still haven't read enough? To see more information about Amanda Fritz's plan to provide more affordable housing, go here. Charles Lewis' website is here.
[Photos: Amanda Fritz at Candidates Gone Wild, Charles Lewis working the grassroots]