King Corn
The Greening of Southie
WW: Why did the project go for gold and not platinum?

WW: Your film exposed that the LEED system does not account for an increased carbon footprint due to materials being transported from afar. How do you see the point system changing in the coming years?

WW: It's easy to see that building green has many benefits in the long run that make building eco-friendly a worthwhile added cost – yet to become LEED certified there is a huge fee involved. Why didn't you address that bureaucratic chink in the system within your film?
WW: So do you still support the system?
WW: Many believe that new green buildings are the wrong way to think of things.
Portland's Armory Building, for instance, was renovated and has been accredited Platinum.
Why did you choose a new building rather than support a renovation project?
WW: Was it simply a matter of funding then?

WW: Portland has 27 LEED certified buildings and supports a mayor pushing for a bag tax. Why haven't you released The Greening of Southie in your hometown?
WW: When and where can we expect a showing?
[Top photo: Ellis before Live Wire show.]