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Dunk 'n' Junk (Updated 6/28): Is Nike’s Ball-Busting Advertisement Homophobic?

that aint right
A Nike advertisement designed by Portland firm Wieden + Kennedy has sparked a big hullabaloo on the Internet over whether the new ad for Nike Hyperdunk basketball shoes is homophobic. The particular ad under scrutiny (posted above) is one in a series that show men getting dunked on (translation: one guy, jumping over another guy, but not making it all the way, thus placing his wiener square in his opponent's face). The ad in question has the caption "That Ain't Right" emblazoned over the top of the two basketball players.

Is it simple street talk or gay-unfriendly slander?

The debate has unfolded like Commenters Gone Wild! on Wieden + Kennedy's blog. There's also some good arguing on the website Towleroad.

Joani Wardwell, Public Relations Director for Wieden + Kennedy, could not be reached for comment.

UPDATE 6/28: Nike has pulled three ads from the controversial series promoting Hyperdunk basketball shoes. The ads removed included the captions "That Ain't Right," "Isn't That Cute," and "Punks Jump Up." You can read more about the removal in these articles posted on The Oregonian, CNN, and Sporting News.

Here are a few of the other ads in the Hyperdunk series:
isnt that cute
punks jump up
say hello
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