August 10th, 2010 5:33 pm | by Sarah Jacoby News | Posted In: CLEAN UP, Politics, Cops and Courts

Medical Marijuana Group Finally Meets With Oregonian Editor

Oregon Green Free protest

Never say we bogarted the medical marijuana stories today.

In response to this protest, which was in response to this editorial dismissing the merits of medical marijuana in The Oregonian, Oregon Green Free finally met this morning with Bob Caldwell, the daily's editorial page editor.

Jim Klahr, CEO for Oregon Free, says the meeting was “pretty positive” and that the medical marijuana group also plans to meet with the rest of The Oregonian's editorial board soon.

Klahr says Oregon Green Free's major problem with the paper's editorial last month was that the idea of a medical marijuana patient wasn't being taken into account when talking about marijuana legalization. “They basically left out patients,” says Klahr. “But this is an issue that's totally medical.”

He says Caldwell asked for more research backing up the legitimacy of cannabis over Marinol (a synthetic version of the drug in pill form). Klahr says he gladly provided that information.

“We were very happy when we left the meeting,” he says. “I think it put the perspective of the patient into a whole new light for The Oregonian.”
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