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Expose Yourself: Mortified Taking Submissions for PDX Show!

"The thing you fear most has no power. Your fear of it is what has the power. Facing the truth really will set you free" —Oprah Winfrey

As always, Oprah is right. Everywhere you look, people are hiding the truth. Why? Because they're scared, and they should be. What they're hiding are embarrassing experiences of pissing themselves in public, getting shot down by a college crush, and short stories they wrote as 13-year-ods. All people have these stories, and Mortified is giving Portlanders a chance to let it all spill out. You can read a WW review of one Mortified performance here, and watch this:


Mortified is hilarious stage performance that will make you squirm in your seat. It is a self-described "comic excavation of adolescent writing, art and media" and works like this: Mortified asks people (oh geez, that's you!) to submit embarrassing material from their past (love letters, journals, lyrics, poems, home videos, etc), then the Mortified staff picks the best submissions, and asks the poor saps to get up on stage in front of a live audience and purge their dark and dirty secrets. Here's another taste of Mortified.


Portlanders, send in your submissions now! The next Mortified shows in Portland will be September 19-20. For the September show, organizers would like to have submissions by the first(ish) week of August.

Mortified taps into the same line of humor as Post Secret and Found. The unturned pieces of people's lives are fascinating whether you know the person or not. The courage of Mortified participants to leave themselves this vulnerable is worthy of applause. So even if you can't muster the guts to dig out the love letters hidden in that shoe box under the bed, go watch the brave souls who take the plunge and expose their humiliating pasts.

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