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Video: MTV Kicks It In Portland, Releases Long Montage About It

meloyMTV finally released its much-ballyhooed "scene report" on Portland, and the results—despite the usual Utopian synopsis of our fair city and the mislabeling of two-thirds of Starfucker (which has an unreleased tune called "Pop Song" playing during the outgoing credits)—isn't as horrible as one might imagine it to be! Plenty of vertical representation here (everyone from basement favorites White Fang and Southern Belle to scene staples Colin Meloy and Stephen Malkmus is interviewed), if not horizontal (I know Portland isn't exactly famous for its hip-hop or Jazz, but a nod would have been nice).

There is some other shit to be talked, of course, but there's still something fun about all this—I mean, it has to be exciting (in a jaded Portland sort of way) for some of these young bands to be featured alongside YACHT and the Thermals and Menomena and such, so for that, MTV, we salute you one final time. Enjoy:

MTV article about the Decemberists and DCFC in which this video was embedded
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