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UPDATE to the UPDATE: BBC Interviewed Byron Beck about Pregnant Man

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Betwixt talking about dark chocolate and "one eye up the chimney" I was "interviewed" by Nick Wallis on the BBC's LiveFive show. Well, "interviewed" isn't exactly the right word. The 10 minute segment started with Wallis saying "Here is the FREAK story of the day." Rather than query me about Beatie he basically asked me to rehash "his" story, which allowed them to be equally appalled and intrigued. How very British of them.
After the interview a few things struck me: 1) that Wallis and his countrymen were so damned interested in this trans tale when America seems to be over it; 2) how distasteful checkbook journalism—the buying and selling of stories—is in the U.S. (reportedly Beatie was paid a pretty penny for exclusive rights to his story) but is the norm in the U.K.; 3) how hard it was for them to get it through their heads that normal folks can legally change genders in the state of Oregon—doesn't England have gay marriage already?

And, oh yeah, I'm getting paid for my interview. England rocks.


Previous post: Somehow the BBC thought it might be a good idea to interview me regarding the birth today by Thomas Beatie, the pregnant man from Bend, Ore.

If you want to listen in then log on to www.bbc.co.uk/fivelive/

I am going to be on in about ten minutes in twenty minutes.
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