Grass Hut Camp Scout
July 5: Yarn Craft – make friendship bracelets, kites, gods eyes and other yarn trinkets

July 19: Tour de Oregon City – a bike ride that loops around Portland, Sellwood, Milwaukee, Oregon City and back

August 2: Skate or Die Trying – Skateboarding! “No roller blades allowed, long boards are kind-of welcomed.” Kind of skater-snobby, but we can deal.

August 16: Public Art Knights – “Spray paint, tag, wheat paste and other fun stuff all around town in the dark dodging the cops.” Pretty darn sure that's illegal. But also pretty darn sure it's badass.

August 30: All Sports (Park Edition) – Play every sport known to man! Like Archery, Horseshoes, Kickball, Freeze Tag, Tree Climbing, Badminton, Squirrel Fishing, Freestyle Yoga and Butt Boxing to name a few.

To register simply call, email or just show up.

(503) 445-9924

Grass Hut

811 E. Burnside