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Randy Leonard vs "Raging Architects" on Beavers Baseball


Our newspaper neighbor to the north, The Columbian, has an account today of Commissioner Randy Leonard's last-ditch effort to keep the Beavers in Portland, now that PGE Park is being refashioned for Major League Soccer.

Vancouver and Clark County had been mentioned before as possible new spots for the minor-league baseball team once PGE Park gets remodeled to the exclusion of baseball. But Leonard's idea is an old idea closer to home: to make way for a new Triple-A baseball stadium at the site of Memorial Coliseum, an historic building many local architects cherish. From the article in the Vancouver paper:
[A]t least three assenting votes are required to move the proposal forward. “It's getting down to the wire,” Leonard said. “And what it takes is just the will of two more council members to stand up to the raging architects.” He added: “I'm just flummoxed that the council would be persuaded by that lobbying effort. It's the least persuasive lobbying effort I've been subjected to in 20 years of politics.”

I asked Leonard today if any of those "raging architects" had called his office today to protest that description. As of 1:30 pm, no one had. So much for raging.
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