June 9th, 2008 5:33 pm | by Byron Beck News | Posted In: CLEAN UP, Politics, Politics

Snack Pack 'Em: Dems Cater to Third District Convention Junkies

The Dems of the Third Congressional District gathered Saturday afternoon at Floyd Light Middle School in Southeast Portland to pick who would represent them at the crowning of Barack Obama, a.k.a. the Democratic National Convention.

Alongside political power players like Earl Blumenauer and Governor Barbara Roberts were plenty of other non-super delegate folks who were vying for the attention of the convention-goers to send them on to Denver.

And how did they do that?

With food, of course.

Although I was in the much smaller contingent of Clinton supporters (as a member of Hillary's GLBT steering committee), it seems our group, which gathered in a gymnasium by the boiler room, made out much better than those stuck all afternoon trying to figure out who would get to cast their vote for Obama.

Not only did we get free juice and snack packs from Mary Botkin, Joe Mazzara (both elected as delegates) and Christine Chin Ryan (who didn't get elected despite the free snack pack and even earlier free breakfast she provided) but we also munched on snickerdoodles from Tim Rowan (who wasn't elected either). My favorite though was the "delightfully crisp" snack crackers provided by Blue Oregonian Kari Chisholm. Although he didn't win either (he was beat out by Jefferson Smith and others), but he sure served a mighty tasty cracker.
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