Bruce and Joshua Turnidge
Richard Faith
Also on Friday, former Salem businessman Richard Faith testified that Bruce Turnidge was among a small group of men who came to him in the 1990s to promote their idea of forming a militia.

Faith said he didn't share their beliefs and told the group that he wasn't interested in launching or joining a militia.

Daniel Kerr, chief financial officer for Faith's businesses, testified that Bruce Turnidge and his brother Doug inquired about obtaining a $75,000 loan from Faith. Kerr said the two men wanted the money to buy "military grade weapons."

The Turnidge brothers did not get that loan, Kerr said.

However, Bruce Turnidge was the recipient of a $150,000 loan from Faith in the mid-1990s, which funded Turnidge's purchase of a 320-acre onion farm in northern Nevada, near the town of Orovada.