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Rick Emerson "Weenie" Roast: It Was Kind of Like Oz (HBO's Prison show, not the Land of Munchkins)

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"Oh, fuck, why did I agree to do THIS?"

There I was.

In front of 1,ooo-plus fans of AM-azing radio icon Rick Emerson.

A local radio talk show host, Emerson asked me a few weeks ago if I would be a "roaster" at his 11th annual "listener party" which happened last night at the Crystal Ballroom.

Listener party, my ass.

It was more like a masturbatory pack of thick-necked gorillas out to worship their "god."

KATU anchorman Carl Glick was our master of ceremonies. He did an amazing job and went "places" very few local TV anchors might tread (thank god for his sake it wasn't being taped).

My fellow roasters included the always gorgeous and incredibly astute Storm Large, KUFO's Cort and (the incredibly delicious) Fatboy, Oregonian boobtube/nice guy reporter Peter Ames Carlin, The Emerson show's hottie producer Sarah X. Dylan, some beautiful lady from CNN, Lisa Desjardins, and some really annoying dudes from Film Fever Radio.

I was second up to bat and Rick said I could say whatever I want.

So I did.

I talked about all sorts of gay stuff like "oil wrestling" , "rump rimming", and, oh yeah, "fisting."

You know, all the stuff middle aged men with repressed gay urges who still live with their moms and listen to AM radio live for.

Well, you can imagine how well THAT went over.

Just suffice to say it was a great time for every involved even though you could cut the homosexual subtext with a butter knife.

Here's a few backstage pics prior to the show and a short video of the audience from the stage: IMG_5205

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