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Why It Matters: Gay Marriage in California is Bigger Than You Think.

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Think the decision by the California's Supreme Court to treat same-sex marriages the same as opposite sex-sex marriages will have effects limited to California? Think again.

The basics of the decision means that in about 30 days any same-sex couple—from anywhere in the U.S.—can go anywhere in California and get legally hitched.When they return to their own state it may not mean much, but at least it will be recognized in California, which with a population of 36 million is larger than some of the countries that have already approved gay marriage?

California is bigger than same-sex-marriage-friendly Belgium (10 million), The Netherlands (16 million) and even Canada (33 million), It trails slightly behind Spain (44 million) and South Africa (47 million).

But beyond population, California's cultural significance in America and the world—as the epicenter for where most of our viewing entertainment is created—means more than if this had happened in another big state such as Ohio or Texas.

California now accepting same-sex marriage is like the acceptance of same sex marriage just went on a wonderful dose of steroids.

For gay people everywhere, it looks like we just took a giant step forward.
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