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McSame 'Ol Story: Local Dems Protest McCain and His Iraq Policy

McBush Protest
In a space no bigger than a school bus, about 30 Oregon Democrats staged an anti-McCain protest outside of the Sheraton Portland Airport Hotel Monday afternoon.

Demonstrators, who were nearly outnumbered by Portland Police, were told they had to remain in the "Free Speech Area" while carrying signs or banners (funny, we thought that that "area" was the whole country).Free speech area?

Led by Frank Dixon, one of Oregon's 12 super-delegates, protesters chanted "McCain-McSame, McCain-McBush," suggesting the lack of difference between the two Republicans.

Dixon, an uncommitted super-delegate said, "we're here to oppose a hundred years in Iraq." That's a reference to how long McCain has said may be the amount of time a U.S. presence is required in Iraq. The protest was low-key, but demonstrators were insistent that John McCain understand that Oregon opposes the war, and would like our troops to come home.

The protest preceded a fund-raising dinner for McCain, at the same hotel, that had ticket prices over $30,000. Must've been a helluva McSteak.
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