one big problem
The upshot
even though the gas tax wasn't going to pay for the bridge
have it both ways
Sue Keil
He was concerned that there was going to be escalation in that project's costs
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"Is it just me, or is Sam starting to show a trend of supporting visionary projects and then backing away when it becomes politically difficult to back the project? I am very disappointed by this reversal."
"Nice how he did this after I just mailed in my vote for him. Not that it would have affected MY vote, but certainly it seems like a shifty political bait and switch."
"I'm more in Sam's camp than ever after this move. ... I DO understand how the picture changes with $ figures and Sam has proved, once again, his vision in supporting the re-use AND his prudence in pulling the plug. This is NOT a matter of betrayal or politics."
Sho Dozono
News Release

PORTLAND, Or.-Mayoral candidate Sho Dozono issued the following statement regarding the Sauvie Island Bridge project today at City Hall.

“For the sake of the taxpayers I am pleased that my opponent came to his senses and ended the Sauvie Island Bridge project. This proposal is the most recent, in a long list of projects that are completely out of synch with the City's core priorities. If I was not running for Mayor and challenging City Hall's spending, my opponent would have continued to ram-rod this pet project through,” Dozono said.

“With recent media accounts of the $18.5 million cost overrun to the city's new payroll computer system and the doubling of the cost of the Eastside Streetcar Burnside/Couch Couplet project, Sam Adams knew that spending $5.5 million on a bridge for the Pearl District and NW Portland was not going to make Portland taxpayers happy,” Dozono said..

“I have consistently communicated my opposition to the Sauvie Island Bridge project. I support safe alternative for pedestrians and cyclists. There are so many other pressing priorities such as safe sidewalks for all of Portland's school children and the lack of affordable housing for Portlanders who are one paycheck away from losing their homes,” Dozono said.

“Commissioner Sam Adams indicated that his “flip-flop” on the Sauvie Island Bridge project is due to rising energy prices. How can anyone not be aware of rising gas prices? Since the beginning, Commissioner Adams has manipulated City Hall to spend money on his projects without the scrutiny of the general public,” Dozono said.

“Portlanders have the opportunity to send a clear message to Sam Adams, one that says you want a City Hall that is accountable to taxpayers. As Mayor, I will focus the City on providing core services to Portlanders,” Dozono said.

“My campaign is focused on prioritizing spending. I have promoted a rainy day fund to weather downturns in the economy. I have proposed a $50M set aside specifically for infrastructure and public safety so that core services will not face budget cuts in budget-cutting years. I have the experience to lead in challenging economic times,” Dozono said.