On April 29, the federal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals granted plaintiffs' motion for expedited review in Lemons v. Bradbury, the lawsuit filed by out-of-state groups seeking to revive last year's failed referendum against Oregon's domestic partnership law by forcing elections officials to change the way they treat signatures on voter petitions. The original review schedule set by the Court likely would have resulted in a decision sometime next year, but today's order means the case could be decided as early as July.

In their motion, the plaintiffs argued that they are likely to prevail, and that the Court should decide the case in time to place their referendum before voters on the November ballot. Attorneys for the State of Oregon and Basic Rights Oregon filed memos in opposition to the motion.

Plaintiffs' opening brief in the appeal will now be due on May 13, with defendants' response due June 3 and plaintiffs' reply due on June 10.

Basic Rights Oregon is committed to defending Oregon's domestic partnership law. We believe discrimination is wrong, and we know that a majority of Oregonians agree with us. Basic Rights Oregon will continue to do whatever is necessary to preserve these fundamental protections for Oregon families.