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Accused Of Skullduggery, Adams Campaign Calls Dozono A 'Serial Deadbeat'

Mayoral candidate Sho Dozono tried to change the subject this afternoon after accusing his opponent—who WW endorsed today—of trying to change the subject. Check this out, at the bottom of the Dozono campaign's press release announcing he'll pay back the $18,000+ he owes the city in rent for his restaurant, Bush Garden:
"It is interesting to note," campaign manager, Amie Abott [sic] states, "that Commissioner Adams hired a research firm in Mississippi to dig up information that could be used to eliminate his only competition. Even more interesting is that this all comes about during the Sauvie Island Bridge Project, a pet project proposed by Commissioner Adams and is not supported by most Portlanders. He intended to divert the public's attention away from an unfavorable project."
(Emphasis ours, throughout.)
First, an observation: It looks like whoever wrote this press release and sent it out from campaign manager Amie Abbott's email address spelled her name wrong in the quote. The author also got one of Abbott's phone numbers wrong in the signature block. This is a pattern. (But this particular error is fixed on their website.)
We asked Commissioner Sam Adams' campaign manager Jennifer Yocom (whose name is also frequently misspelled, but not by herself) for a response to the Dozono camp's "Mississippi question" and she provided this statement:
“This latest explanation for Sho Dozono's latest bad behavior is entering the realm of the ridiculous. This man, who is claiming to run based on his business experience, wants Portlanders to believe that the city of Portland did not notice that he did not pay his rent or his share of property taxes for months.
"And the idea that his getting caught ripping off Portland taxpayers being some sort of conspiracy fails the straight face test. At a certain point, don't you just have to admit that you're a serial deadbeat?

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