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More candidate video gone wild: Amanda "Iron Woman" Fritz, Charles "Tuff Gong" Lewis

A couple more must-see videos from the talent section of last night's Candidates Gone Wild event:

Amanda Fritz channels Ozzy Osbourne, with the help of her husband, Steve

[youtube IgJ9V3tCdNw]

Charles Lewis takes on Bob Marley (check out the swaying lighters and cell phones)

[youtube ikmof4Mwlww]

In case you had trouble making out Fritz's lyrics in the first video, she has posted them on her blog:
I'm Amanda Fritz
I'm the woman candidate
I will sing these notes
Cos I really want your votes
I will watch the bills
Make sure you don't pay for thrills
We all need homes too
Jobs and schools and microbrews
Doesn't that sound good?
I will work hard for all!
A Registered Nurse
Taking that 3 a.m. call
(awesome guitar solo by my sweet husband of nearly 26 years, Steve Fritz)
When the ballot's here
Mark my bubble, have no fear
(I plead shamelessly)*
Voter-owned, please vote for me!
Now I've wrecked this song
When you hear it from now on
You will think of me
Chasing votes through May 20

* Note: this line was not actually sung at CGW. I had a brain-freeze, despite having sung it approximately 150 times while driving to and from events the past two weeks. Thank you to everyone who applauded when I picked up on the next line. I greatly appreciated your encouragement

My apologies to everyone who previously enjoyed Ozzie's classic. It will probably never be the same, for those present at the Roseland last night.
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