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Portland Lounge Series XVIII: This Sunday at Towne Lounge!

lc buttonFolks, it's that time again. Yes, the last Sunday of the month. Which means, as you loyal LocalCut readers know, our free monthly Portland Lounge Series show at Towne Lounge.

What makes this month's so special? Besides the great artists—Power of County, Amelia, and Lael Alderman—it's your favorite scribe Jay Horton's 30th BIRTHDAY! And, as one musician with the last name Alexakis said, "if you don't show up, you end up looking like an ass." So, don't miss out on Horton's big three-oh because, you just may get the chance to wait in line behind your favorite local indie band's lead singer as they all do a mad dash to the bar to get Jay his next shot of whiskey.

Jay Horton is also hosting this month's series, so those shots will come in handy as he interviews our fearless participants while they explore their music in front of a lively bar audience. And now for introductions, complete with song samples!

Headlining the event is Power of County, Portland's best outlaw country act. Jay will be talking to them about their forthcoming third full-length, See You In RocknRoll Heaven, which will be released this spring on Portland, OR-based indie The Union Records. Rumor has it the album pays homage to some recently departed icons, so we'll grill the band about this, and also talk to them about their recent West Coast tour, among other things.

Lael Alderman is in the middle of a lot of stuff around town, including our showcase. We'll ask the prolific songwriter about his "Song a Week" output, as he continues to post tunes on his MySpace page, all while promoting his fine solo album, Of Birds, Devils, and the Heart.

Kicking off the evening is Amelia, who packed the Aladdin Theater on Saturday, April 19th to celebrate the release of their fourth full-length, A Long, Lovely List of Repairs (Adrenaline Music Group) and are gearing up to do regional touring all summer long. We'll have a lot to talk to these local favorites about.

And, for those of you that just can't make it to Towne Lounge this Sunday, well, there is always the podcast of the event you can listen to after the fact on LocalCut. But let's be honest, it won't be 1/10th of the fun. And Jay will not get any whiskey out of the deal.

The 18th Portland Lounge Series takes place this Sunday, April 27th, at the Towne Lounge. 9:30 pm.

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