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Clash of the NW Music Industry Titans! For Free!

nemo grammys
Dunno if there's really going to be a clash, per se, but that would be fun. Tomorrow night (Wednesday, April 23) at Nemo Design—that's where Pampelmoose.com's Dave Allen keeps his offices, if you thought the name sounded familiar—you'll find a music industry and networking event that might actually be worth going to!

Ooops, did that make me sound like a Debbie Downer? Sorry, but I generally think bands should spend their time making the best music possible instead of worrying too much about the networking side of things. That said, tonight's speakers are good folks: the aforementioned Dave Allen moderates a discussion between producer Tucker Martine, John Asgew from the excellent Film Guerro, Portia Sabin from Kill Rock Stars (a label that has been making moves in PDX as of late) and LocalCut founder/Seattle Sound Editor Mark Baumgarten (who bears striking resemblance to the late Heath Ledger). So press-and-label-hungry local musicians, now's your chance to strike while the industry folks are approachable.

The event is presented by the Recording Academy—yeah, the same Recording Academy that puts on the GRAMMYs every year. So, you know, that's exciting. No golden awards being handed out, as far as I know, but it does spit-shine the whole thing a bit. Pamplemoose and Nemo Design are hosting it, and the evening's conversation is going to focus around marketing music on the web (my thoughts: the web is a good place for marketing your band). But best of all, this shindig—originally slated to cost $25—is now free. You can't really beat free food and drinks (after the round table finishes its business, snacks will be served), and you may just see me there (look for the guy who's hoarding all the snacks).

A closer look at the event poster:
nemo grammys

nemo design
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