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A Few Photos From Menomena's Bitchin' Foosball Tournament

Menomena foosballPhotographer extraordinaire Jason Quigley headed on down to the Record Store Day madness at Jackpot! Records on Saturday, and he sent over a few photos. If you'll remember, Jackpot! is where Menomena's Brent Knopf and Justin Harris took on all comers at the epic sport of foosball. While Knopf and Harris spun little men, Menomenaut Danny Seim spun awful records (telling LocalCut via email: "Dude, I suck at foosball...You can yell at me if my Jodeci BPM doesn't segue properly into my Rick Astley BPM. But anything foosball-related, I'm a fish out of water).

Quigley reports that Team Menomena smashed the competition 19 games to 2. LC has been unable to verify whether the foosball table belonged to the band as of press time. An account of Team Mercury's 6-5 loss can be found over at End Hits.

The Power and the Glory:

DJ Danny Seim

Menomena foosball

I totally kicked Menomena's ass in foosball

P.S. Saturday was the first day of the NBA Playoffs, so LocalCut editor Casey Jarman loaded up at Christopher's Gourmet Grill and plopped himself in front of the TV all day, forgetting about everything else in the world. He deeply regrets the error. But seriously, let's make every day Record Store Day.

Jackpot! Records
Record Store Day
Portland Hamburgers (mmmmm...)

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