This is what was staring at me from my local supermarket checkstand today:
beth ditto on cover of enquirer

In the latest edition of The National Enquirer Beth Ditto, the lead singer of the Portland-based band The Gossip, "reveals" in HOLLYWOOD'S DEADLIEST DIETS! how she can eat a bucket of chicken and two cartons of ice cream in one sitting (she's in the short mini-dress on the left).
Now, is that news, really? Truth is, I don't know a soul in town who hasn't done that on occasion. Here's also what I want to know:
First off: is Beth really that big a star in the United States that she warrants a cover on the National Enquirer? I know she's huge in Europe (especially the U.K.) but here? I don't know 'bout that. People still say "Beth Who" when I talk about her music.
Second: How dare they put her next to a skinny bitch like Tara Reid. All it does is make her look bigger. I guess that's the point.
Third: As the grocery checker said to me as I was buying the rag, "How hard would it have been for her to put on a pair of hose? They came in several colors and some of them are actually quite slimming."

So readers, you decide:

Is this just plain old mean, or did Beth Ditto just become the queen of the tabloids?
Plain old mean
Ditto owns the tabs free polls