April 18th, 2008 5:33 pm | by Byron Beck News | Posted In: CLEAN UP, CLEAN UP, CLEAN UP, CLEAN UP, Politics, CLEAN UP

EXTRA! EXTRA! Okay...This is getting silly. Chelsea and the Red Dress Boys make it to Tabloid TV.

gawkerreddressFirst it was here.

Then it was here.

Then it was everywhere: Gawker, Queerty, Towleroad, Advocate, WOW Report.

And then it was on EXTRA.

And, as noted by one its organizers, Jeff Hawthorne, the Red Dress Party, with a little help from the First Lady's daughter finally made for good TV.


And in this case we're talking about television, not transvestites.

And btw, Jeffy-Poo you may want to dress up your Red Dress as some gender-neutral, everybody-who-is-anybody party for all, but we all know that the Red Dress Party was and is a party for the "gays" and those who love 'em. What's so wrong with that, anyway?
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