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Gerard Way Comic Book Signing at Things From Another World (April 8, 2008)

aIMG_7834[Editor's Note: Nilina, unlike Clara, is not 16. But she still has a pretty big crush on Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance.] On the MAX ride from the Zoo to Things From Another World comic book store (where My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way would be signing his own graphic offering, The Umbrella Academy), I squealed to my travel companion (and LC podcaster) Arya Imig about all about the things we might expect. What length will Mr. Way's hair be!?!?! Will he have decided to go back to bleach blond?!?! What will his nose look like in person?!?! How much more beautiful will he be than in photos and My Chemical Romance's ever-more-epic music videos?!!?!

Well, we got there and, expectedly enough, there was a long line of people parked in front of the store (under the undermining drizzle), waiting for their chance to own Way's scrawl. We circumvented the line by asking for Aaron, the store's district manager, who shepherded us inside—ahead of the mob that ranged from the predictable emo kids to older adults who were there as actual fans, parents or eBay resellers. Things From Another World brought out the big guns for the event—not only extra staff, but a plethora of security guards.

Aaron informed me that the photogenic Way wasn't too stoked on having a camera there, but as long as I wasn't too obtrusive, everything was cool. Gerard Way, resistant to photography? His face was made to be in front of the camera! So behind a red velvet rope I stood, shooting away as Gerard greeted teenage girls.

When we left, Arya remarked on how gracious and down to earth Gerard seemed to be—to the extent that he wondered if Mr. Way might have had to work on it. But we kinda decided that indeed he had not, as he came off as so authentic and authentically kind. He shook everyone's hand (except for mine. I'm not offering my hand to Gerard unless it's in marriage and given he has a wife that is not moi, well...). While red roses and feather boas decorated the table beside him, other things handed to him included a guitar (that had been buffed so his signature would not wear away) and a magazine. That was my favorite interaction...

The magazine was given to Gerard by the girl who had shot the photos of MCR inside of it. He recognized her the second she stepped up the table. They went back and forth over whether he could keep it or if he would sign it and give it back to her. Way got to keep the magazine, and in exchange offered the woman his phone number. Not as some groupie hook-up, mind you, but because he knows how to treat his fans right. His personal assistant-type friend got her number and they arranged a meet-up the next day following a meeting that Gerard had. Anyone know what that meeting was about? I hope it was in regard to real-estate, so that Gerard becomes even more of a PDX resident than the rumors testify to. I mean, how awesome would it be to have Way and his art decorating Floating World (the hipper comic shop across the river) every First Thursday?!!?!

Oh—and as the photos prove—there was nary a bullet proof vest in sight. Expect 50 Cent to follow the new trend and to start rocking more denim...


















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