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The Lives of Famous Men Tops $10,000 mtvU Contest

The Lives of Famous Men Man, just when I was starting to think I had my finger on the pulse of the Portland music scene, this comes out of left field to hit me right in my stupid dumb face. The Lives of Famous Men, a Portland new-emo band largely ignored by the local press (our publication and site included—though I did mention the dreamy frontman and a music video once), is currently sitting atop mtvU's (deep breath) "mtvU and Palm Centro at AT&T Battle of the Bands contest" (a wing of mtvU's Best Musc on Campus/Campus Invasion marketing plans). Shows you what we know! Nothing! We know absolutely nothing!

So, after treading through some confusing fine print for the contest, we finally think we know what's going on here:

1. The Lives of Famous Men, along with two other bands (We are Only Fiction and—ready for it?—Inflowential), have all been voted "First Place Winners" (which means, presumeably, that the band and its friends clicked the "vote button" until their fingers bled). This victory has won the well-groomed, pillow-fighting quintet a trip to one of the mtvU's college campus dates, where the band will perform alongside that icon of campus life, Wyclef John.

2. As first place winners (how can there be three first place winners?), the Lives of Famous Men is automatically entered into the popularity contest for the "Grand Prize," which is where the real money is at. $10,000, an opportunity to host mtvU's "Dean's List" (no clue) and Palm Centro phones with AT&T service (which is a shit ton better than last year's sponsor prize, a year supply of Eclipse Fusion gum).

What can you do to help Dan (pictured below) and company collect their cash and become the next Bluu Suede (among those selected as last year's winners)?


You can go here, and spend all day clicking the VOTE button. And let me be very clear here: I am rooting for the Lives of Famous Men. I like to poke fun, because they are mostly better-looking than I am, but I am definitely pulling for the little PSU band that could. What's not to like? 750,000 MySpace fans cannot be wrong.

The Lives of Famous MenSpace
MTVU (which features both a Nancy Pelosi interview (HIP!) and a video of Billy Corgan talking about child abuse)
Vote for TLOFM (what are you waiting for?)
Inflowential on MySpace

Pillowfight photo taken from an aminated GIF on TLOFM's MySpace page (72 comments from girls, 4 from dudes)

P.S. I still think TLOFM is missing a potential target market by not incorporating some of that New Jack Swing the kids are all talking about into its sound.
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