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Boy Eats Drum Machine's Radiohead Remix is Better Than Yours

bedmIf it proves anything, Radiohead's remix contest (for the excellent song "Nude," off Radiohead's latest, In Rainbows) is just another example of hotshit music blogs and the unfortunate human tendency towards groupthink teaming up to crush free will. I mean, Holy Fuck's remix is good, sure, but is it fifty times as good as Portland dub/hip-hop/pop maestro Boy Eats Drum Machine's remix? No, no it's not. It's just remixed by Holy Fuck (a fine band with a fine gimmick (they wear masks!)), and linked to via every big music blog in the blogoverse (TM. I prefer this phrase to "blogosphere").

I'll go out on a limb, in fact, and say that BEDM's version kicks Holy Fuck's ass. It's an old-west high-noon bad-ass motherfucker of a remix, and it is superior. Proving it now...

Boy Eats Drum Machine's "Nude (Gunfight Remix)":

Ungh! You hear that? That shit bangs! It even has some scratching thrown in for good measure. And in this corner...

Holy Fuck's "Nude (Holy Fuck Mix)":

Holy Fuck added some drums, otherwise keeping the feel of Radiohead's original version intact. It's fine, but I vote for the former.

So let's try a little social experiment, shall we? Let's see just how many votes we can rack up for the BEDM version. You can find the embed code (which will make BEDM's track show up on your blog, MySpace, FaceBook or whatever pages) RIGHT HERE. Or you can just send the link to friends via email and the aforementioned social networking sites.

And just to be clear, I'm not quite clear on what the point of all this is. It appears to be a glorified popularity contest, and Radiohead hasn't promised anything, except that the band will listen to the best mixes. Perhaps they'll keep the winners in mind for remixes on future singles? Never mind that. If it's a popularity contest, let's fuck it up.

Obviously, if you don't dig the BEDM remix, don't do any of this. Perhaps you prefer this: Portland's Alex Arrowsmith (of "Going Insane for the McCain Campaign" fame) remixed the track as well. Here's his "Nudist Colony," which throws some extra warble onto Thom Yorke's voice and adds some shredding (an Alex Arrowsmith specialty). Not revolutionary, but good:

Lastly, while I know you're tempted by this '70s funk Starfucker remix, keep in mind that it was reworked by some weird European outfit by the name of Strfckr, and not Portland experimental pop pusher Josh Hodges, who goes by a similar name. It's well-made but a little campy. Here it is anyway:

Friends, I think we can push BEDM into the top 5 by the end of the week! Let the games begin!

p.s. If anyone else from Portland throws up a dope "Nude" remix, please let us know. Waiting on the real Starfucker to do so.

Alex ArrowSpace

Photo: Jonny from BEDM, kicking it old school.
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