Oprah is promoting the hell out of tomorrow's episode with Thomas Beatie.

Thomas is 34, happily married and…pregnant. Our cameras capture it all—the ultrasound, inside the nursery and more. How is this possible?

can you tell me what publication (print or broadcast) that you have signed an exclusive with? And when can viewers/readers expect the story to break?

Oprah and People Magazine - this Thursday.

A quick check on Oprah.com confirms it.
Then, tune in on Thursday

This is Thomas. He's 34, happily married…and pregnant! An Oprah Show and People Magazine exclusive.
People magazine, the category leader, has always insisted it doesn't pay for news, which would be strictly against the policy of parent Time Inc. But the magazine has paid astronomical prices for exclusive photos.
Beattie on Oprah
[Photo of Thomas Beatie from The Advocate's website]