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Audio: A Short Conversation About Bruce Springsteen (with Photos)

the boss! A minor tragedy befell me last Friday. I discovered that, due to a pre-arranged out-of-town trip (girlfriend, birthday, you get the idea), I wouldn't be able to use a gift that seemed to have been handed to LocalCut directly from the heavens: A photo pass to see Bruce Springsteen at the Rose Garden. And instead of re-arranging my personal life to fit Springsteen's touring schedule, I decided 'twould be best to give that gift anew.

Both WW film editor Aaron Mesh and receptionist Dan Winters made the trip in my absence, with a promise that they would discuss the show for the benefit of our readers (and poor brokenhearted ol' me) here on LocalCut. The conversation took place this morning at Willamette Week's front desk, and the audio is here for you to enjoy, or—heaven forbid—download and enjoy again and again. Please keep in mind that these are not professional music reviewers. The accompanying photos are courtesy of total amateur Dan Winters, who did a fantastic job, considering.

The conversation (Myself, Aaron Mesh, Dan Winters):


The Photos:

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