Dan Christensen
TriMet placed Christensen on administrative leave today
What do shaved heads, shootings, organic firearms, whales and blind spots have in common? The newest Wes Anderson film, you automatically postulate? Nay, these are just a few topics of the 3,400-plus Twitter posts (“tweets,” if you're hip to it) showered on the world by Portland's Twitterific TriMet bus driver, Dan Christensen ( A former history teacher, the collective chauffeur of our city's carless thinkers and drinkers has amassed an impressive following of more than 18,000 folks—that's only about 7,000 less than Portland's own tweeting mayor, Sam Adams (and more than Willamette Week, The Portland Mercury, the Portland Tribune and Bike Portland combined). What a Twitter smackdown would look like is beyond us, but our money—that tiny sum left over after that darned Internet got so popular—is on Christensen.