Women As Lovers

What is the setlist going to look like on this tour?

How long have you been playing with Xiu Xiu?
Have you found it hard to incorporate your style into songs that you weren't involved in creating? Especially because so much of Xiu Xiu's songs revolve around electronic drum programming.
Do you have room to add little bits and pieces to songs or is that something you talk about as a band. Do you have the freedom to improvise?
La Foret
Women As Lovers

You can tell that the album is more of a full-band effort compared to previous Xiu Xiu records.

What's your kit setup going to look like on this tour? When I saw you in LA last year you had the gong.

Is it harder to fit all the stuff in the van when you've got big pieces like that?
Do you enjoy touring with the band?

What do you guys do for fun on the road?
Is there any songwriting that goes on?

You do solo percussion stuff as well, right? I'm assuming you approach that differently.
How did you write the songs for your solo album Congs For Brums?

Do you have any formal training on the piano or is that something you taught yourself over the years?
Since you're a drummer I have to ask you this. Who's your favorite drummer of all-time? Or someone who's influenced you the most?

Do you take a lot from the jazz scene?
Maybe this is more a question for the band, but I was wondering if you could tell me what a PANDAPPLE is? It's something I saw on your website.

There's a picture, and something about a Xiu Xiu surprise if a fan brings one to a show.
Photo by Scott Kinkade