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Consumer Whore: Le Train Bleu Chugging Down the Tracks

le train bleu 2

Just so we're clear here, and no one has a mini heart spasm should they head to Le Train Bleu and realize it's not there anymore: The chic boutique has re-opened up shop in a new space (1905 NW 26th Ave.) where they run their web business. Open the same hours (daily, 11-6) according to LTB's owner, Bria Phillips, "our Pearl store hasn't really translated to many more customers, enough to warrant the high rent anyway," she says. "Most of the actual customers are still destination shoppers so I'm hoping they will still make the trek."

She added, " I think it might be just all around too much LTB for Portland."
le train bleu
Moving into the Pearl location will be a second boutique for Mabel and Zora, set to open as early as March.

How do you guys feel about Portland's consistent transitioning of boutiques? What can shop-owners do to make rent (and then some) and not compromise the quality of the products that they sell?
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