[Writer-actor-director Joel David Moore, left, paints co-star Amber Tamblyn]
WW: What about Portland was right for this story?
What was it like to shoot here?
I notice that a lot of the movie takes place in the rain. Was that the real thing? Honest-to-God Portland rain?
I found Mason to be viscerally creepy. How did you two work to develop that character?
Spiral is different from other horror flicks in that you show less—less gore, less screaming, fewer clues. Talk about that choice.
What was the last pose in the series of Mason's drawings?
Adam, do you think Spiral has affected the way people see you as a director?
Let's talk about the double-reverse ending. What story-telling techniques did you use to make sure people fell for it?
Joel, do you bring anything from your Oregon Shakespeare Festival days to your acting? What's the carry-over?
Anything else?