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Second Opinions: Helio Sequence, Keep Your Eyes Ahead

helio sequenceWW's take on the new Helio Sequence album, Keep Your Eyes Ahead, was a less-than-glowing review. I haven't had a chance to give Keep Your Eyes Ahead more than a cursory listen yet, myself, but I was curious what other writerly folks were thinking about it. I dug around on the 'net to see what I could find. This is a pretty big release for the Portland music scene, and of course for the band itself: the Helio Sequence is trying to break out both stylistically and, I'd guess, in the sales figures department. And as much as I hate asking "what do you think?" (seems so crass and direct), I'll still do that—'cause we should talk about these things sometimes, you and I. Anyone spent a romantic evening or two with the album yet?

Here are those second opinions I was talking about:

The Oregonian

Boston Dig


Daily Trojan (University of Southern California)

And some interviews:

MP3 dot com

Glide Magazine

Vancouver Sun

So the album has certainly been around the block a few times.

Helio SequenceSpace

Photo by PR Walters, from this live review.
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