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An Escort Service You Wouldn't Be Embarrassed to Call

Wildebeest Bike Militia
I know Portland is bike-friendly, but when I heard about a plan for
nighttime bike escorts I thought we'd moved to a whole new level. Well, turns out, it's "not that kind of escort!" according to a post by the
the Wildebeest Bike Militia
on the Portland Indymedia website.
The group is looking for feedback on its plans for a bike escort
service that will meet up with cyclists who don't want to ride home
alone at night. Sounds like a great idea to me.

Here's some of the post:
Instances we imagine this might apply (yet not limited to):
- You get out of work late and don't feel comfortable biking home alone
in the night when your powers of light are not bolstered by the
beautiful sun.
- You know you will be out on the weekend and would like a friend to see
you safely home and while casting silvery magicks on the way.
- You happen to bike in places where cars are also present and would
like comrades to increase the collective visibility and strength of your
convoy in the presence of such potentially malevolent contraptions.
- You like to hang out with people (generally quite silly people) who
are actually quite serious in wanting to make our communities safer,
friendlier and more (A)utonomous while eating cookies, riding bikes and
occasionally painting pictures.

You can email the Wildebeest Bike Militia at pdxbikemilitia at riseup.net . You can also see the post and respond at the Shift email list (login required).
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