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Tryon Life Community Farm: The Recode Portland Campaign

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WW revisited this week's Rogue of the Week last night as Tryon Life Community Farm members hosted a public meeting on the proposal that caught our attention this week.

About 30 people attended the meeting at Laughing Horse Books in Northeast Portland —some traveling as far as from Albany—to hear volunteers and residents of Tryon Life Farm discuss plans to begin their ‘Recode Portland' campaign.

Farm resident Russ Romas explained that while the current code runs on a complaint-based system and that the "gray water" issue is rarely enforced, neighbors could complain if they saw someone using bath water or laundry water (aka gray water) for their garden.Oregon DEQ defines gray water as sewage since it could contain fecal matter.

The meeting kicked off what promises to be a long process to recode Portland's building and zoning codes to allow sustainable practices—more specifically the use of gray water for gardens.

Brenna Bell, a founding farm member, told the supportive gathering that “in what is being considered one of the most sustainable cities, we are being held back by bureaucratic processes.” She said there is a growing network of urban planners, and green-do-it-yourself-folks who have been fighting to change Portland's building and zoning codes regarding the use of gray water.

“A lot of the research that I thought we'd be doing now has already been done, but it's just not in the public sphere yet,” she said.

As for WW's Rogue designation, Bell told the audience that this recoding, “will affect all of us, statewide,” not just the farm.

TLC Farm's next meeting is scheduled for Thursday Feb. 21. Visit its website for more details.
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