What did local restaurateur Nick Zukin do after eating 72 burgers in three months?
10 deep-fried hand pies in 30 minutes
Whiffie's Fried Pies
this is not a man who does things by halves.
Globs of steaming hot coconut creme and berry filling are oozing everywhere, but Zukin is focused singularly on the task at hand and demolishes three pies before reaching for his first napkin.
"Would your mom be proud?" I ask. "Haha, noooo," Zukin laughs as he bites into number nine, a glob of berry jam dribbling down his chin.
Four coconut and chocolate chip, four BBQ beef brisket and two mixed berry pies
The city's most fanatical foodie has claimed his rightful title as the Pie Champion of Portland.
"I could probably eat one more..."
Photos by Ruth Brown and Gregg Abbott.