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WTF? Jan 2 Domestic Partnerships Called Off - For Now (Updated with BRO comment)


A federal judge has issued a temporary injunction against HB 2007, the law providing domestic partnership rights and benefits which was to have gone into effect next Wednesday, Jan. 2.

The ruling by federal judge Michael Mosman means HB 2007 will not legally take effect, and that thousands of same-sex couples anticipated to register as domestic partners next week will have to await the outcome of another hearing Feb. 1.

The injunction had been sought by the Alliance Defense Fund today, which had tried to refer the new domestic partnership law to the ballot next year. Basic Rights Oregon had fought against the injunction.

"I believe the Plaintiffs [the Alliance Defense Fund] have met their burden to support a temporary injunction [of HB 2007]," Mosman said in his ruling today. "I believe the harm outlined in the Basic Rights Oregon brief is greatly mitigated by shortening the time involved" in a permanent injunction hearing, Mosman further stated. The permanent injunction hearing is scheduled for Friday, Feb. 1, 10 am.

BRO Executive Director Jeana Frazzini says, "I don't think anyone was expecting ths decision. It's absolutely shocking."

"It indicates the judge has a misunderstanding of the initiative and referendum process in Oregon," Frazzini says.

More updates on the ruling, and details on the hearing, in a further post.
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