Dagger of the Mind
Portland's "Power Metal Shakespeare Company" combine Elizabethan garb and accents, monologues from Shakespeare, and iron Maiden-esque '80s power metal.
Throne of Blood
The Epoxies
New Wave/punk act The Epoxies are probably the best-known and most-successful persona band to come out of Portland—but although they've kept the stage names, costumes, and general sci-fi themes, over time the band has dropped the fictional back story and personalities.
Fist of Dishonor
Portland's "premiere ninja band" combine stage combat and poppy rock about being a ninja.
Hello Lobster
Eugene-transplant New Wave band claims to be lobster-like aliens from Planet Lobster, whose songs are reports home to the Lobster Commander—Mark Mothersbaugh from DEVO.
Sexy Pants
Portland's answer to The Backstreet Boys put the homoeroticism on the surface, and claim to have been sent from the heavens as "dance saviors" to fight a "frumpy epidemic on a super-frickin'-global scale."
Klingons playing death metal. What, you need us to draw a picture?

Sunken Chest
One of Portland's two pirate rock persona bands alongside Captain Bogg & Salty, Sunken Chest give you less sanitized swashbuckling.
Photo of Dagger of the Mind by Baker Poulshock