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Yo! Get Ya Noise On, Homie!

1152 There was this noise-music show that would come on after the news at the college radio station in Eugene. The hosts would come in with this huge mixing board, delay pedals, even a vacuum cleaner, and basically just play around, improvising noises over CDs, often playing more than one at a time. The show was (and is) wildly popular—experimental and noise music is the final frontier for music fans that have heard and seen it all.

This Saturday the Someday Lounge hosts the Portland Artix Festival—sort of an experimental All Tomorrow's Parties. This year's bands have been hand-picked by James Squeaky (who runs Below PDX recordings) and Josh Blanchard (from Point Line Plane), and it reads like the grocery list of a crazy person. Here it is:

31 Knots
Honed Bastion
Cex Fucx
JonnyX + the Groadies
The Better to See You With
Oaxacan (Oakland)
Art Lessig (Sacramento)
Blue Sabbath Black Cheer (Seattle)
Ghost to Falco
Eat Skull

The real interesting ones on here are the "rarely-perform" artists, like Prowls, an all-female noise band with a sound described as "creeping sludge and trash-loop vinyl records through practice amps." The performance-art qualities of noise music are perhaps enhanced by an artist's inability—or unwillingness—to perform. Honed Bastion also falls into this category: Nick Bittakis' experimental-music project has been relegated to the back burner with the opening of his screen-printing business, Seizure Palace.

The show is all-ages, and it starts at 4pm. Expect it to run late, because you know every one of those noisy bands has its own setup of crazy, unique amps and mics with just the right sound.

Someday Lounge's website
Below PDX's website
Seizure Palace's website
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