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Viva Voce: Getting "Er" Done (Raleigh, NC)

3 So we're in full swing. Playing in front of hundreds of texting people each night! Arriving in one piece was good enough...but I'll give you the run down:

1st Day.
Got the rental van. Noticed the aroma & sleuthed from the air freshener that something was askew. Cleaned up fish scales in the back and loaded up the gear for the show. Won't rent vans from commercial fisherman in the future.

2nd Day.
Atlanta...first show of the tour. All of our gear that was shipped must have been dropped from the plane at 35,000 feet. Nothing worked. Nothing. So we did a chorus line, sang three a cappella songs from Little Shop of Horrors, did lines from Waiting for Guffman and ended the set doing Rockette kicks to "New York, New York" with jazz hands. Although this was only a few days ago, I don't remember much else....

3rd Day.
Myrtle Beach...House of Blues. The drive was worth the effort of the entire tour. I love the south. I miss it. It's riddled with awesome stops like "Sparky's." We enjoyed boiled peanuts, bought some fireworks, got a full tank of gas AND got to visit the sword museum all in one place.


The venue was next to a crocodile farm. You could hear them feeding while we were loading in and out. Sounded like a flabby-armed spanking machine. Another night of technical problemas…but getting closer to figuring out the situation. Broke my snare drum for the second night in a row. I sounded like a hippie drum circle onstage.

Good folks in this town.

Stayed at a hotel on the beach...which made the day. Ordered pizza on the beach, and woke up in a lawn chair covered in sand. Still jet-lagged and haven't slept good in days. There is sand in my keyboard as I type this.

4th Day.
Raleigh...Disco Rodeo. Another awesome drive. Found an actual "Mexican" theme park off I-95 that's called "South of the Border." Huge plastic hombres signaled where there was something special to stop for. We got a 'Pedro Burger' while mariachi music pumped next to the "Ole! Ferris Wheel" ...oddly enough—there was not a Hispanic to be seen. Offensive in too many ways to count.

3 4

Got to the venue and shot off all the fireworks. Cops showed up. Kevin shut down. Public drunkenness, yes—fireworks, no. Accidentally shot a few bottle rockets at fans who had stood in line for two hours. In our joy of blowing stuff up—a few went off in stray areas...like under the gas tank of the Jimmy Eat World tour bus. I almost killed one of the top-selling bands in the U.S.... Almost.

I won't miss next time.


Show went great. Nothing broke...except the drum microphones. My beats sounded like someone scraping rocks across your face. Shoving glass in your eyes. Rock 'n' roll. That sub sound the Death Star made before it would shoot off. Stress got to me & I lost my mind a little that night and shot off the rest of the fireworks after the show. Have no arm hair on my right arm up to my elbow.

So it's today and here I sit with a full belly of food purchased from a restaurant that had an airplane propeller bolted to the wall. Throw peanut shells on the floor. This is a day off.

Tomorrow is D.C.

Was warned not to show up if we had any more fireworks, so we bought some more & made sure we all have adequate amounts of booze to lubricate the experience. Those who hate freedom hate Viva Voce.

Have to get some sleep tonight, but am covered in electrical stuff trying to fix what's been ailing onstage.

Five days in.

More to come.

Love - Kevin / vv.

Viva Voce's website
South of the Border on Wikipedia

Kevin from Viva Voce took the photos in this post.
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