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In the Studio With Talkdemonic (Photos!)

TD photojq 4 [WW's 2005 Best New Band, Talkdemonic, is recording a new album, and Jason Quigley got a sneak peak. He sent these amazing photos and a brief explanation.]

I was there on a Saturday last month, I think it was the 29th. Lisa [Molinaro] was laying down viola and cello tracks at a house in Lake Oswego. I didn't pry too much on why they had a big vacant house in Lake O at their disposal, but I think it belonged to a friend's parents who hadn't moved in yet. Kevin [O'Connor] and Lisa were crashing and recording there for several days. It was a pretty sweet makeshift setup in my extremely limited experience with recording studios, with the microphones in one bedroom and the mixing board and laptop in another room. There were wires snaking down the hallway, and lots of dashing back and forth between the rooms to adjust the mics. At one point a neighbor with a leaf blower or some other pointless landscaping device disrupted the session, but fortunately not for long. We drank lots of coffee and ate some nasty generic cheesy poofs, and I got to listen to some awesome new tracks that few people have heard yet, which was my ulterior motive by way of inviting myself to a recording session. And they just thought I was there to take photos. Ha!

TD photojq 4 TD photojq 3 TD photojq 2 TD photojq 1

Jason Quigley
Talkdemonic's Best New Band article ('05)

Photos by Jason Quigley.
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