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EVIL LIVE! At Live Wire!, Bruce Campbell explains his name is just Bruce


“I watered it and it came back,” Bruce Campbell deadpanned last Saturday night to a jam-packed crowd at the Aladdin Theater for a taping of OPB's Live Wire! He flexed his fingers and gave the demon-free appendage an extra shake and jutted out his infamous chin toward the audience.

The renowned horror icon is best known as the Deadite-fighting badass with a chainsaw for a hand from Sam Raimi's Evil Dead films, but wants everyone to recognize he's not Ash or any of his other freaky characters. He has, in fact, written a couple of books.


But just for fun he'll further confuse his adoring fans with his upcoming, self-directed comedy/horror My Name Is Bruce, where he plays a real-life Campbell forced to fight a rural Oregon monster.

Along with some scathing remarks regarding the shite state of today's horror films and their endless hours of graphic torture, Campbell offered up his most embarrassing Halloween costume: drag with his mom's super-realistic wig.

“A guy grabbed me in this alley and started feeling me up!” he explained. “I kicked him in the nuts as hard as I could and ran like a girl!”

The Live Wire! show included a dorky rapport with Dark Horse Comics founder Mike Richardson and a trip through the Shanghai Tunnels with Willamette Week's Adrian Chen. Daniel Wilson discussed the denied technological wonders like the classic jetpack. “You'll be the coolest person on fire!” he insisted.

Music from Viva Voce and Loch Lomond peppered the audience along with bouts of comedy and the occasional Oompa-Loompa song.
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