Time to eat some crow: Last year about this time, I wrote a blurb about Breakside Brewing in WW's Beer Guide expressing doubt about the Portland brewery's ability to maintain a breakneck pace of innovation while also operating a full-scale production brewery.

"With a new tap room and full-scale production facility just opened in a Milwaukie industrial park, I wonder how much longer Breakside will push the envelope. Brewmaster Ben Edmunds says he plans to keep Dekum edgy, but the demands of a big operation tend to embog innovation." 

I was wrong. Very wrong. Breakside grew from the 80th largest brewery in Oregon to one of the state's largest 25 this year. Breakside now bottles and distributes two separate IPAs.

And, as reported in this week's print edition, Brewmaster Ben Edmunds led a team that made 100 different beers in 2013. This is the full list.

Ale to the Chief Braggot

[Click here to see Edmunds' favorites and least favorites from this list.]