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Feedback: Lightning Bolt


It's been too long! After a little bit of a hiatus, our favorite comic dude, John Isaacson, is back with a strip about Sunday's Lightning Bolt show at Holocene. In color! 

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011 by JOHN ISAACSON

Feedback EXPLOSION: Yob, Palo Verde and more

Picture 1

Holy crap, WW's resident rock cartoonist has been busy. Here are two new editions of his much-loved Feedback comic that we've neglected to post in recent weeks. Both of them do a little format-breaking (see the wide-panel presentation in the first one and the map conceit in the second), and both rule. From here on out, you can expect Mr. Isaacson's cartoons on a weekly basis once again. —The Man...   More
Monday, February 28, 2011 by JOHN ISAACSON

Feedback: Social Graces, Street Eaters, The Forgetters


A lot of folks were excited to see the Forgetters, the new outfit led by Jawbreaker's Blake Schwarzenbach. But John Isaacson was extra-excited, as you will see in this week's Feedback cartoon (it actually should have been last week's Feedback, but Casey is a little slow).

As always, click on the below image to see it get bigger and prettier.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011 by JOHN ISAACSON

Feedback: Bi-Marks, Desperate Hours and Ratface at Dunes

feedback thumb.

That John Isaacson was up to his old tricks again this week, catching the last Dunes show at...well, at Dunes. We tried to talk to folks from Dunes earlier this week and were told they didn't want to talk about it—which is funny, because when Dunes opened, they didn't even want to be listed in WW (I was just an intern then, but I remember hearing about it). I for one will be sad to see the place...   More
Wednesday, January 26, 2011 by JOHN ISAACSON

Feedback: Knelt Rote, Anhedonist and Acephalix at The Know


It's that time again: Time for John Isaacson to get a little bit metal.

This week's Feedback finds him catching a trio of heavy outfits at that most loveable Alberta dive, The Know, and having his shoes shaken (not stirred) in the process.

Knelt RoteSpot
AnhedonistSpace   More
Thursday, January 20, 2011 by JOHN ISAACSON

(The Return of) John Isaacson's Feedback: Negative Standards and Raw Nerves at Fucketts

Since he got to work on illustrating WW's year-end cover story, local cartoonist/music geek John Isaacson is back in the saddle for his weekly comics show review column, Feedback. This week's comic is actually...   More
Wednesday, January 12, 2011 by JOHN ISAACSON

Feedback: Nun Chucksy, The Mark Sparkles, Arctic Flowers, Sista Sekunden

As always, our intrepid comics reporter, John Isaacson, has his ear to the underground. Which means that sometimes he's one of eight people in the audience at a book store punk show. It also means that he reports on "Fancy Rat Shows," but more on that later.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010 by JOHN ISAACSON

Feedback: Nerveskade, Ripper, Deathraid, Hellshock and Age at Satyricon


As the walls come tumbling down on Satyricon's final run, John Isaacson decided to head downtown and catch a kind of scary-looking performance from Nerveskade, Ripper, Deathraid, Hellshock and Age (is it just me, or does the name "Age" not really fit in with the rest there?). He brought back this gorgeous full-color comic to tell the tale.

As always, click the image to make it bigger and ...   More
Thursday, October 28, 2010 by JOHN ISAACSON

Feedback: Onion Flavored Rings, Defect Defect and More at Fuckett's

Things are a little hectic round the 'ol office—so much so that we're like three days late posting John Isaacson's excellent latest comic show review, this one featuring a punk show at North Portland house venue Fuckett's.

As always, click the comic to see Mr. I...   More
Friday, October 22, 2010 by JOHN ISAACSON

Feedback: Ghost Mom, Cynthia Nelson Band, Tara Jane O'Neil, Feelin' Alright

John Isaacson is back after a quick one-week hiatus, and this time he's reporting from Holocene Rotture, where author Sara Marcus celebrated the release of her book, Girls to the Front with a bevy of Portland bands. WW, in a fit of stupid, neglected to preview this show—for that we apologiz...   More
Wednesday, October 13, 2010 by JOHN ISAACSON
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