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Here's Who Could Oppose Marijuana Legalization in Oregon

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So far, there's no organized opposition in Oregon to a marijuana legalization measure that New Approach Oregon wants to put on the November ballot.
New Approach has been raising big money from the same national funders who passed legalization in Colorado and Washington in 2012 and is following a similar playbook to the one that worked in those states.
So what could go wrong in weed-...   More
Monday, July 14, 2014 by NIGEL JAQUISS

Organic Consumers Fund Gives Another $100,000 to GMO Measure

Campaign likely to battle Monsanto, profiled in current Bloomberg Businesweek


A group called the Organic Consumers Fund has made a second $100,000 contribution to Oregon GMO Right to Know, the political action committee behind a proposed November ballot measure seeking to label genetically modified organisms.  That contribution brings GMO Right to Know's total raised this year to $1.3 million.
Meanwhile the current issue of Bloomberg Bu...   More
Friday, July 11, 2014 by NIGEL JAQUISS

Supporters of Ex-SAIF CEO John Plotkin Will Petition Gov. John Kitzhaber


The fallout from SAIF Corp. board's firing of CEO John Plotkin continues.

As WW reported earlier, the state-owned worker's compensation insurer fired Plotkin on May 9, just three-months after he started work. Thousands of pages of emails and other documents SAIF released pursuant to p...   More
Thursday, July 10, 2014 by NIGEL JAQUISS

New Poll Finds Support for Movement of Crude Oil By Rail: Updated


A new poll by DHM Reseach shows that a majority of respondents in Oregon, Washington and Idaho are supportive of shipping crude oil by train, although the pollsters found the level of knowledge about the subject is low.

The poll, conducted for Oregon Public Broadcasting's Ear...   More
Wednesday, July 9, 2014 by NIGEL JAQUISS

Fast-Growing Independent Party of Oregon Opens Its Primary Today


For political junkies, these are the dog days of summer. Even the most maniacal candidates are resting up after July 4th parades, content in the knowledge that they have only a few county fairs before election season begins in earnest after Labor Day.
The Independent Party of Oregon, however, is busy. The IPO, which formed in 2007 out of frustration with the dominance of the two major p...   More
Monday, July 7, 2014 by NIGEL JAQUISS

Ex-SAIF CEO Sues SAIF Board for Violating Public Meetings Law


John Plotkin, the former CEO of SAIF Corp., filed a lawsuit today (PDF) in Marion County Court, alleging that SAIF fired him in violation of the state's public meetings law. In his complaint, Plotkin argues...   More
Monday, July 7, 2014 by NIGEL JAQUISS

Ex-SAIF Corp CEO John Plotkin Files Tort Claim Notice


As WW reported in today's print edition, John Plotkin, the former CEO of SAIF Corp., the state-owned worker's compensation insurer, has filed a tort claim against SAIF, as well as one current and two recently-retired SAIF officials.
In the tort claim, Plotkin alleges that current human r...   More
Wednesday, July 2, 2014 by NIGEL JAQUISS

House Of Cards

Documents suggest SAIF corp. fired its CEO based on “false and inaccurate” information.

News Stories
SAIF Corp. is in the insurance business, an industry defined by the word “caution.” Yet thousands of pages of records from inside the state-owned workers’ compensation insurer suggest that   More
Wednesday, July 2, 2014 NIGEL JAQUISS

The Oregonian Names New Top Editor


The Oregonian named a new editor today, nearly three months after former Editor Peter Bhatia announced he would step down to teach at Arizona State.
The new hire is Mark Katches, a highly-decorated investigative reporter and editor who most recently led the Center for Investigative Reporting, a non-prof...   More
Tuesday, July 1, 2014 by NIGEL JAQUISS

Rosemary Lee, Gov. John Kitzhaber's First Wife, Dies


Rosemary Lee, who was once married to Gov. John Kitzhaber, died last week.

An obituary in The Oregonian says that Lee, 67, died peacefully at her home in Lake Oswego from a brain tumor.

Kitzhaber met Lee in the early 1970s when he was a medical student at OHS...   More
Monday, June 30, 2014 by NIGEL JAQUISS

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