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Same Sex Marriage Campaign Will Shift Focus

Oregon United for Marriage will fight discriminatory ballot measure

Why Marriage Matters

Yesterday's announcement by Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum that she will not defend the state's constitutional ban on same-sex marriage will at least temporarily change the focus of Oregon United for Marriage, the campaign working toward a November same-sex marriage ballot me...   More
Friday, February 21, 2014 by NIGEL JAQUISS

Top Columbia River Crossing Backer Bruce Starr Won’t Vote for CRC Bill


The chances of the Oregon Legislature passing a Columbia River Crossing bill have taken a major hit. State Sen. Bruce Starr (R-Hillsboro) announced in a statement this afternoon that he will not vote for pending CRC legislation if it comes to the floor during this February's session. Starr, who has focused on transportation issues his entire legislative career, has been a...   More
Thursday, February 20, 2014 by NIGEL JAQUISS

Lawmakers Sponsoring Class Action Legislation Silenced

Tobias Read and Jennifer Williamson kicked off agenda of legal-aid lunch


Two state lawmakers were kicked off the agenda of a legal-aid luncheon today, where they were scheduled to talk about a bill opposed by powerful interests.
This morning, Rep. Tobias Read (D-Beaverton) and Jennifer Williamson (D-Portland) sought and received excused absences from their legislative committee work to travel to Portland to address the a lunch held by The Lawyers' Camp...   More
Wednesday, February 19, 2014 by NIGEL JAQUISS

Collecting What’s Owed

Lawmakers move to fix a gaping hole in class action lawsuit awards.

News Stories
Earlier this month, Oregon consumers won a stunning victory over BP West Coast Products.   A Multnomah County circuit jury found customers of BP-franchised service stations are owed as much   More
Wednesday, February 19, 2014 NIGEL JAQUISS

Portland Parents Coalition Wants to See the New Teachers' Contract


The Portland Association of Teachers and Portland Public Schools have averted a strike with a tentative contract agreement, allowing Portland parents and officials to wipe their brows.

"Hallelujah," Mayor Charlie Hales said in Portland City Hall this morning. "And it's a good contract. They deserve some sleep."

But not everybody is happy.

The Portland Parents...   More
Tuesday, February 18, 2014 by NIGEL JAQUISS

New Dental Guidelines Call for Fluoride Before Age Two


Although Portland voters resoundingly defeated a measure that would have fluoridated the city's drinking water last year, national guidelines are moving in the other direction.This week, the American Dental Association ratcheted up its guidelines for toddlers, suggesting that ...   More
Friday, February 14, 2014 by NIGEL JAQUISS

Oregon Lawmakers Honor Musician and Sex Offender Curtis Salgado


Today, the Oregon Senate paid tribute to the Oregon blues musician Curtis Salgado, who toured with acts such as Santana and Bonnie Raitt and was reportedly an inspiration for the Blues Brothers movie.
"We, the members of the Seventy-seventh Legislative Assembly, honor Curtis Salgado," reads    More
Friday, February 14, 2014 by NIGEL JAQUISS

Split House Transportation Committee Moves CRC Bill


The House Committee on Transportation and Economic Development today voted six to four to move a bill that would keep the Oregon-only version of the Columbia River Crossing project alive. The vote came after six hours of public testimony over two days, and went through on a party line basis.
House Bill 4113 now moves to the budget-writing Joint Ways and Means Committee, where members wh...   More
Thursday, February 13, 2014 by NIGEL JAQUISS

Clearing Up Misinformation Ahead of Today's Columbia River Crossing Hearing


Ahead of today's hearing on the Columbia River Crossing Project, CRC proponents have clouded the debate with two pieces of misinformation.
First, the economic consequences of not moving forward are being over-stated.

On Feb. 6, The Oregonian published another    More
Wednesday, February 12, 2014 by NIGEL JAQUISS

Predatory Lawmaking

A voracious debt collector wants to acquire Oregon property tax liens.

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In 2007, Oregon lawmakers made national headlines when they kicked payday lenders out of the state. Now one of the biggest debt-collection companies in the U.S. wants to bring a type of lending    More
Wednesday, February 12, 2014 NIGEL JAQUISS

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