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I'd Love to But I Have a Show: Week Eight

Arya Imig's weekly show-going diary treads on past MFNW.

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Saturday, September 10 Avi Buffalo @ Doug Fir Lounge After a very long Friday night, I was running late to the Doug Fir Saturday morning and eventually gave up on seeing Antlers and Explosions In The Sky. I did, however, roll in right on time to take a look at the wonderful poster expo set up at the Jupiter Hotel and then catch Long Beach, California's Avi Buffa...   More
Wednesday, September 21, 2011 by ARYA IMIG

I'd Love to But I Have a Show: Week Seven

The week Everybody Else's Life Becomes a Little bit More like Mine.


This week's ILTBIHAS is rather brief. For more of Arya Imig's astute commentary, see the MFNW Diaries.
Tuesday, September 6Charles Bradley @ OPBCharles Bradley @ Music MillenniumCharles Bradley's soul-stirring shout-singing was so awe-inspiring and moving in the early afternoon that because I could see it twice today, I had to. If I used all the ostensi...   More
Monday, September 12, 2011 by ARYA IMIG

I'd Love to But I Have a Show: Week Six



Saturday August 27 Hollywood Tans @ Backspace Celebrating the release of their debut EP Stolen Stereo, Hollywood Tans had a room full of hopping fans singing along tonight to the group's record, which is a catchy and enjoyable collection of ebullient pop rock gems. If you compared a few notes on record collections with the quintet, here's what you might f...   More
Tuesday, September 6, 2011 by ARYA IMIG

I'd Love to But I Have a Show: Week Five


WEEK FIVE: EIGHT DAYS A WEEK IS NOT ENOUGH TO SHOW I CARESunday August 21 The Shades, Profcal, Your Rival, Kyle Morton @ Backspace (early show)Earlier this year, while working at a magazine doing a database project, I listened to Profcal's EP on repeat on Bandcamp for the first hour of every day before switching to Dan Patrick. At present, the young group seems to be shifting away from the...   More
Tuesday, August 30, 2011 by ARYA IMIG

I'd Love to But I Have a Show: Week 4


*Week Four: Bands at Burger Shops; Bands with Music Videos set in Burger Shops
Weed, Charts @ Burgerville on Hawthorne After more than a year of hosting shows, seeing bands at Portland's hippest food chain on one of Portland's hippest streets still feels somewhere between totally natural and absolutely surreal. In between burgers and shakes, Vancouver B.C...   More
Monday, August 22, 2011 by ARYA IMIG

I'd Love to But I Have a Show: San Francisco, Ashtabula

have a show week 3

Saturday August 6 Ibid, Secret Secretaries @ Backspace Secret Secretaries turned in a raucous, engaging performance. I'll be keeping my eye on the San Francisco trio, hoping they come back, and wishing they lived here. Deelay Ceelay @ Doug Fir Lounge There was nowhere I would have rather been tonight than the album release celebration for one of Portland's most enjoyable live acts. Sunday Augu...   More
Monday, August 15, 2011 by ARYA IMIG

I'd Love To But I Have a Show, Week Two: Portland Basements, New York Theaters

picture 5

Image of Arya at Laughing Horse Books courtesy of Yousef Hatlani
Saturday July 30 Forest Park, Your Rival @ The Banana Stand A study in contrasts at this house show, with Forest Park's moody, atmospheric post-rock segueing into Your Rival's right-on-target, so direct pop-rock gems. Sunday July 31 Your Rival, Crush Hour, Jason Clackley & the E...   More
Monday, August 8, 2011 by ARYA IMIG

I'd Love To, But I Have a Show: Week One

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This is the first in a year-long weekly series of journals chronicling my adventures in an excessive amount of show attending. I work at both Backspace and Someday Lounge, whose names you will probably see here a lot but whose virtues will be praised in full less often. —Arya
Saturday, July 23 PDX POP NOW! 2011: Ezza Rose, Yeah Great Fine, Archers, Palo Verde, Lost Lander, K...   More
Monday, August 1, 2011 by ARYA IMIG

These Are the Days: Roctober Edition

On this Rocktober edition of These Are The Days, we've got several fine tracks from some of Portland's best up-and-coming groups, including new recordings from Yeah Great Fine, Your Rival and Zoogirl as well as songs from Chromatics, No Kind of Rider and Youthbitch. Plus new tunes from ...   More
Friday, October 1, 2010 by ARYA IMIG

These Are the Days: MFNW Edition

Here we go again! MusicfestNW is back with a phenomenal five day schedule of music featuring locally and internationally renowned musical artists performing at some of Portland's finest venues. On this edition of These Are the Days, some great tracks from local bands performing at the f...   More
Wednesday, September 8, 2010 by ARYA IMIG
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