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Y La Bamba: Godspeed You Limpdick Sandbags! (Providence, RI to Washington, DC)


A (completed) Mad Lib Tour journal by Y La Bamba.
O Providence! Your cobblestone palm trees, your molested green parks, your Ivy League mouth breathers! These are the things Y La Bamba simply adores about you.
It is our first cheesy night of the Neko Case tour and needless to say we are super flabby! Scott Magee, the band’s percussionist/body piercer and Paul Cameron, guitarist/underwat...   More
Wednesday, May 25, 2011 by Y La Bamba

Y La Bamba Tour Diary: Singing with the Innocence of Children, yet Broken as Fuck (Eastern Oregon to Providence, RI)

Y La Bamba Woods 2

Thus begins a new diary from Y La Bamba, which is out on the road on its own and with the great Neko Case. These entries were written by frontwoman Luz Mendoza.

5/7 El senor Kitson, Meyercord Y la Mendoza are off to Neverland   More
Wednesday, May 18, 2011 by Y La Bamba
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